I'm the author of the non-fiction book, The Journey to I Do:  A Psychic's Guide to Finding the Right Relationship.   

Here is the Kirkus Review of The Journey to I Do:  A Psychic's Guide to Finding the Right Relationship.

'Written in a friendly, approachable and easy-to-read style, this guide is filled with spiritual thoughts as well as practical guidance from a narrator who comes across as a longtime friend and sage adviser. A good investment for anyone wondering how to find meaningful, long-lasting love.' Anyone can be a soul mate, Kincross argues, as she offers tips and guidance in making a relationship work with whomever one feels a connection. The onus, she says, is on the reader to make love happen. In addition to presenting a paradigm shift when it comes to finding love, Kincross compels her reader to delve inward and make strides in self-discovery by engaging in regular journal writing. Though material within sections can be scattered, she ends her chapters with provocative, well-targeted questions that will help readers focus and achieve an appropriate level of honesty to aid in determining what kind of spouse he or she truly needs." - Kirkus reviews.     
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'The Journey' is a masterful piece as is your vast input and research contained within it's pages.  You are highly evolved, driven and a magnificent  author whose words reflect unique concepts and with complete integrity.  The Journey' will definitely enhance the life of readers and those of whom choose to 'do the work'. - Mary West - Orange County, CA

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