Good morning, Ellany, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to let you know that M and I found a wonderful house and are moving in two weeks. As you predicted, it is bungalow style. Very bright with fantastic lighting. Beautiful floors. We walked in and both said “ This is the house we want!” We are going to remove one wall and it will have a wide open floor plan. I feel grounded there... just an amazing feeling of being “home.” Thank you for reminding me to wait for the right house. We almost bought a couple of others where I had some hesitation. I listened to my guides ( and you!) and we are beyond excited to move into our dream home
All my love and with gratitude, Jana

I wanted to take this chance to thank you very much for the life changing help you've given me to guard myself from the influences that were previously plaguing my life.  The advice and techniques you've used have had profound effects for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I look forward to your help and wisdom in 2014.      Karen Z - Long Beach, CA

Ellany Kincross helps to bring clarity to the way I perceive events in my life – my interpretation and understanding of how what happens is meant to prepare me for what is to come. During our sessions, I could feel the truth in her words. At first, I was unsure if her predictions were correct, as I hadn’t perceived myself living the life she saw in my future. But, as time passes, my life is happily falling more into the place that she predicts. I feel a sense of relief knowing that my path is ready for me to follow. And that I have the power to make my own choices, ensuring that I have a successful, fulfilling life. Ellany guides me through the troubled times, and good times, so that I may have focus on my life’s intended direction. Thanks Ellany!  E. Anastasia, NYC – Arts Marketer

I have worked with Ellany for several years and continue to seek guidance and support on a regular basis. Not only does she have an amazing intuitive sense about others, she has shown me how to listen to my own inner voice. Deeply connected to Spirit, Ellany is completely honest and willing to speak her truth. She has taught me to how to do the same. Sharing her great sense of humor, being around her is always a positive experience. Attending her workshops and sharing phone and in-person readings, I have made major shifts in my life that I totally believe were a result of my willingness to work hard and Ellany’s encouragement and belief in my ability to come into my personal power. It has been a wonderful, exciting path and I am a different person with a different life as a result.  I trust her totally and recommend her often to family and friends. (We shake our heads often, smiling and saying “How did she know that?!?”), J. Garrett - Dana Point, CA

Good morning Ellany, I hope all is well with you. I receive Daily OM everyday, but today's, in particular, reminded me of you.  Your gifts offer a glimpse of the past and future in the way Spirit feels we need to learn and grow from. If we were allowed to see too much into the future, we would not develop into the spiritual beings the universe wants us to be. Our faith would never strengthen.  In addition to your insight and guidance, it is up to US to look for and "see" the signs that God puts in our paths. Together it all makes more sense.  I just wanted to say thank you for the enlightenment you have brought into my life. Blessings to you always, L. Romero – Torrance, CA

I was introduced to Ellany by one of my best friends.  Over the years, I had heard so much about Ellany and I contemplated calling her.  Last year I was going through some personal struggles and challenges.  I felt “Spirit” nudge me to call Ellany and have a reading.  The first time I met Ellany, I immediately felt a deep spiritual connection with her.  Her insight and guidance gave me strength and confidence to make some very valuable changes in my life.  I appreciate having my readings recorded because I can go back and listen again to what Ellany has shared with me.  The tapes help me to stay on track and be more accountable for my actions and decisions as I journey through my path in life.  As a result of having Ellany in my life, I have recommended her to friends and family members I feel are ready to have a reading.  I feel Ellany is a blessing and a gift in my life and I feel called to share this gift with others.  T. Palmer - Redondo Beach, CA




Ellany Kincross had a message for me. Messages are there, as long as one chooses to 'show up in life'. In Ellany's incredible warm, friendly, safe and peaceful reading, she validated my current crossroad in life. Crossroad being ego (fear) vs. love. Fear: leaving a corporate job. Love: fulfilling my calling in life - to heal others by the human touch with my hands. Her insights showed that I've started to embrace the spiritual and non-material aspect of life. I've chosen to take the spiritual pathway and embrace the gift, for the greater good, through the use of my hands. My hands are to HEAL. I knew that and Ellany confirmed it. This reading was thorough, specific and accurate. I walked away knowing my action plan and knowing it had to do with 'choice'.  V. Ellis - Long Beach,CA

I have known Ellany Kincross for over four years. She has been my director, spiritual advisor and friend. We first met during the rehearsal of a very personal one-act penned by the founder of the repertory company we both belonged to at the time. What impressed me most about Ellany was that she pulled every cast member aside and gave us insights into the character which very few intuitive directors could have explained or expressed. We all found out during the course of the play that she did "spiritual readings" of which I have been privileged to have participated in three thus far. Each time I have received advice on getting out of destructive relationships and situations. I’ve also learned of the rebuilding and grieving work that would follow. She has always given me a sense of hope that if I did the work I would be in a better place and further along on my journey of growth and realization on this planet. I would strongly recommend her services to those looking for enlightenment on their individual paths of discovery. O. Prince, NYC-actor, Writer. AEA/SAG/AFTRA

Ellany has an incredible gift. From the very beginning of our reading she was able to tap into the issues that most needed addressing, some of which I didn't fully absorb until I listened to the tape a few days later. She was right on the nose! Through her insight I was able to make some very important decisions that have helped me turn a corner in my life.  E. Eichenbaum - Professional Astrologer – Dallas, TX

It was so inspiring - In the first 30 seconds of my reading from Ellany she was able to tell me, without any input from me, exactly what was on my mind. She elaborated on a personal transformation I was experiencing and offered me information that helped me to understand my circumstances, as well as offering me some solace for the future. She saw, in detail, the struggle I was experiencing in an intimate relationship and gave me the insight I needed to make a major decision. Ellany was right on target in both areas. I’ve had readings from other psychics before, but never one so “right on.” I plan to see Ellany every six months or so, and certainly before making major life decisions. K. Latham - Ladera Ranch, CA